Friday, July 28, 2006

More Women Are Starting Their Own Companies

Three years ago, flight attendant Sandy Stein was so distraught about the prospects of her and her husband's jobs that she prayed to her deceased father for guidance.

"Dad, what am I going to do?"

That night, the 55-year-old Reseda woman said, she dreamed of a small metal flower with a curved stem that hooked onto the outside of her purse. A clip dangling on the inside kept her car keys quick at hand. When she awoke, a childhood taunt popped into her head: Finders keepers. But this time, Stein heard it as Finders Key Purse.

Like more and more women are doing these days, Stein found the courage to start her own business, Alexx Inc., a company that makes functional and fashionable key-finders.

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