Friday, July 07, 2006

Sew ...

what do Sting, Elton John and Madonna all have in common besides being great entertainers? They each hired tech savvy female entrepreneur Megan Duckett who just earned her business -- Sew What? Inc. -- the 2006 Dell/National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small-Business Excellance Award.

Read more about the program here and visit Sew What? Inc. here.

(Note: From backdrops for Sting, Elton John and Madonna to red velvet curtains for the cover of Rolling Stone, custom theatrical drape maker Sew What? marries new technology with a centuries-old craft. "I never dreamed that the tiny business I started on my kitchen table would grow into the global business we have today," said Megan.)

On behalf of women entrepreneurs across the planet, we congratulate Megan and wish her continued success!


Megan Duckett said...

Hello Laurel,
Thank you for the kind words! I am flattered to be mentioned in your blog.

Being nominated as a finalist and then learning of our grand winner status of the 2006 NFIB/Dell Small Business Excellence Awards was very exciting. After so many years of telling ourselves that we were doing well, it feels great to have a respected third party say "you're doing great, kiddo"! I would encourage other small businesses who qualify to consider participating in the award event next year. Those interested can learn more about it here.

The award was based on our willingness to embrace available technologies to offer superior customer service and support growth. One area in which we have excelled is with our website. We recently did a major redesign with the help of Chris Sandberg The careful balance between great design and SEO requirements has allowed us to sell in greater volume to a more targeted group. Our extensive Search Engine Optimisation provided by Cindy McMahan has allowed us to reach (and subsequently sell to) the far corners of the world. I definately am a strong advocate of the value of SEO. Those unfamiliar with it may enjoy doing some research and learning more - It certainly has worked for us.

As you well know there are many challenges involved in owning and successfully growing a small business. Having a niche business, I always felt that there weren't any avenues available to help me grow my customer base. This attitude caused me to be very behind the eight ball, and I was a late bloomer in getting our WBE certification just this last year in 2005. (I incorporated in 1998) Believe it or not - there are actually many corporations who need theatrical drapery, trade show supplies, stage drapes and theatrical supplies and who look to purchase from WBE's! As a certified WBE I can now tap into those opportunities which has already returned tenfold the small investment in the certification. I encourage all woman owned businesses to become certified and tap into these opportunities themselves. Certification is best gained from organizations such as WBENC

Again, I appreciate being recognized in your blog and look forward to sharing further "Women is Small Business" conversations with you in the future.

Megan Duckett
Sew What? Inc

Laurel Delaney said...

And you are doing great kiddo! Good too that you take the time to mention all the people and firms that helped you bring on your *star* status! We will continue to marvel at all your great accomplishments but should you ever need a little push (encouragement) from time to time, stop back in with us. We're here to keep that wind behind your sails!

All the very best,