Monday, April 13, 2009

Could You Be The Next Chic Entrepreneur?

Chic of the Week is founded by Elizabeth Gordon author of, "The Chic Entrepreneur: Put Your Business in Higher Heels" as a way to get more women in business to highlight and share their success. Winners are selected on the basis of strategy, savvy, style and success.
Gordon says the current business landscape is ripe for female entrepreneurs. Historically women have been underrepresented in the ranks of entrepreneurs - but that is rapidly changing as recent years have seen women starting new businesses at twice the rate of men. Even the most male dominated industries are slowly wising up to the fact that they need women in business for that all important female perspective.

"Women make great business owners- they are highly creative, terrific problem solvers and amazing at juggling multiple priorities, making them ideal in a startup situation. The skills required to run a household are remarkably transferable to the role of small business owner," Gordon says. She adds that female intuition, women's relationship building skills and their creativity and nurturing nature give them a distinct style and an added advantage in many business arenas.
Could the next Chic Entrepreneur be you?

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