Sunday, April 19, 2009

Create Your Own Job; Start a Business

Can't find a job? Do what teens are doing: Create your own job; start a business!

As published (an excerpt from the article "Cupcakes and Cattle Breeding: Teens Turn to Summer Start-Ups") in The Wall Street Journal April 15, 2009:
And Marlo Adelle Greta, 17, will be running, a barrette-making business, from her Austin, Texas, home. She regards starting a business as "a lot easier than having to go find a job," she says. "I make my own decisions, and the harder I work, the more money I can make. That's a cool thought -- it's all up to me."
And here's what some of the parents are saying in reaction to their kids starting businesses:
"'I'm not sure I want my child to walk that path (Laurel here .. the path of working for a big company). I want my child to be in charge of his or her own destiny.' "
Don't you just love it?


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This is really inspiring! We love hearing about people who create their own jobs.