Monday, April 11, 2011

Creating New Opportunities Means Taking the Route of Entrepreneurship

Today (4/11/11), The Wall Street Journal has a special feature:  Women in the Economy

Here are the links to some of the articles which focus on what's holding women back in the workplace:

Where Are All the Senior Level Women?

Tales From the Frontline

The Global View

It's Partly Your Head

You can talk until you drop about women in the workplace -- what's holding them back or how to create an action plan to support new opportunities -- but the real route to freedom, flexibility and being who you are is through entrepreneurship.

Photo credit here (L-R:  Robert Zoellick, Sandra Day O'Connor and Wei Sun Christianson)

Posted by:  The Official Escape From Corporate America Blog, chronicling why more and more women are abandoning big companies to strike out on their own.

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