Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FAQ: Frequently Avoided Questions Related to Starting a Business

I was researching away on a project for a client and accidentally stumbled upon a PDF file I had downloaded to my MacBook in 2004.  It's called "The Art of the Start" and is based on Guy Kawasaki's book by the same title.

The FAQ:  Frequently Avoided Questions is a Kawasaki idea that is referenced in his PDF on Pages 29-31 -- don't miss it because, for example, here's one question he addresses that will definitely soothe your soul if you are frightened out of your mind at the thought leaving your current job to start a business:
Q.  I admit it:  I'm scared.  I can't afford to quit my current job.  Is this a sign that I don't have what it takes to succeed?  Am I not truly committed?

A.  You should be scared.  If you aren't scared, something is wrong with you.  Your fears are not a sign that you don't have the right stuff.  In the beginning, every entrepreneur ...
Download the report here (best part about it - it's complimentary!)

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