Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet the Woman in Charge of Cheese: Jeanne Carpenter

Meet cheese geek Jeanne Carpenter (pictured below).
Jeanne Carpenter
Raised on Velveeta on a family farm in Wisconsin, after college she worked as a journalist, a corporate project manager, and finally as a communications specialist for state government. In 2007, she started her own public relations company to promote artisan cheese. In 2009, Jeanne launched Wisconsin Cheese Originals, a member-based organization dedicated to discovering, tasting, and learning more about Wisconsin artisan cheeses through a myriad of events, including an annual Wisconsin Original Cheese Festival in November. She is also the author of Cheese Underground, giving cheese-starved readers everywhere the inside scoop on America’s Dairyland since 2006.
Enough said but I am sure you want to know more.  Go hereCongrats to Jeanne for moving from corporate project manager to woman in charge of cheese!

Illustration credit:  Cheese Underground

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