Sunday, December 09, 2012

When You Leap to Entrepreneurship, Here's Your Safety Net

When you start a business, it's a leap of faith.  You have no idea whether you will make a success out of your idea or not.  But you can minimize risks by talking with others, getting appropriate help and making strong connections.
It's also a good idea before you let go to get some skills, and practice -- with a safety net. That's the idea that spurred Joanne Wilson and me three years ago to start the ITP Women Entrepreneurs Festival. We wanted to celebrate the women who were flying through the air (generally not with the greatest of ease) and to inspire other women and give them the skills and safety net to make the leap themselves. We designed this gathering to be different from other conferences targeting women. We wanted it to be a place of conversation, where participants and speakers had conversations and developed relationships. We saw the conversations between the most skilled, the most daring and the women on the verge as the strongest fiber with which to build a safety net.
 Read the entire article here where the author likens entrepreneurship to a trapeze artist (that's the "letting go" part).

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