Saturday, December 01, 2012

Women Entrepreneurs Can Be Shockingly Fast!

Photo courtesy:  Current Motor
Did you know?

•  Dell has many investment arms including Dell Ventures and the Dell Innovators Credit Fund.  They also have Women Powering Business and DWEN.

One business owner, Lauren Flanagan of Current Motor, came in through the DWEN network and is now on Dell's Entrepreneur in Residence Advisory Board. Further, she received $250,000 in technology for her business through the Dell Innovator’s Credit Fund, allowing her to get her scooters (as shown) to market six months faster.

Quote from Ingrid, The Rider on a Current Motor scooter:
Defying her own low expectations, she found our Super Scooter to be "shockingly fast, to be honest."  The ride comfortable, handling responsive, and overall decidedly NOT boring. Her suggestion:  "You HAVE to try it!"
Rumor has it that women entrepreneurs, provided they ride a Super Scooter, can be shockingly fast!

Back to Dell, are you up on all the resources they have to offer to help grow your business?  Visit to the links referenced above.

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