Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kauffman Index 2015: A Multilayered Portrait of Entrepreneurship in America

The numbers in the new 2015 Kauffman Index reveal a multilayered portrait of entrepreneurship in America right now.  Here are five of the trends.
  1. Opportunity versus necessity
  2. Startup density
  3. Still a man's world?
  4. Race, ethnicity, and immigration
  5. Age matters, and so does education, but not the way you think
In the case of Still a Man's World, the trend is not so positive for women:
The preponderance (63.2%) of newly minted entrepreneurs were men, while only 36.8% of women started their own venture in the most recent year. The number of female entrepreneurs is close to the 20-year low of 36.3% from the 2008 Index. For comparison, there was more equity between genders in 1996 than there is now.
  • Men: 1996 56.3%, 2014: 63.2%
  • Women: 1996:43.7%, 2014: 36.8%
Learn more:  The State of the American Entrepreneur in 2015

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