Sunday, July 03, 2016

Best Beach Reads to Build Your Business

I am not a big beach reader but I love to squirrel away in my home and knock down a business book or two each week.  Everyone has to find their special place to recharge.  Inc. Magazine has put together a wonderful list of great reads for the summer.  One I'm sure to buy is Adam Grant's "Originals."  It looks fabulous.

Read:  Top 23 Business Books You Should Read This Summer

P.S.  I also just finished updating my best-selling Exporting book and the 2nd edition will be ready in early fall.  Watch for more on that coming soon!  Have a great 4th of July holiday weekend!  Oh, one more thing ...

P.P.S.  Escape From Corporate America is 12 years old on July 7th.  We launched EFCA on July 7, 2004. Yay to you for your interest and yay to us for keeping on, keeping on.  To the future!  And thank you for your readership.

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