Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's Still a Man's World in the Aftermarket Automotive Industry

Come on ... research shows that more diverse companies are more profitable.  So what gives when it comes to the old boy's network in the aftermarket automotive industry?

Women business owners have experienced this:
Several female auto business owners said it was commonly assumed they knew nothing about the industry, with customers and distributors asking to speak to men.
They go on to say:

“It is unfortunate to say, but in the field, women are not viewed as competent by their male counterparts . . . the biggest problem is not being seen as having equal intelligence with regards to the trade,” one women told Hachem [St. Clair College researcher Nour Hachem] in a focus group.

Hachem conducted a study for Automotive Industries Association Canada, which entailed surveying owners, employees and hosting seven focus groups for women in the industry across the nation.  The net result is:

Women working in the aftermarket automotive industries say it’s still a man’s world.

Hopefully these issues don't apply to Mary Barra, CEO of GM.

Read more:  Automotive industries still filled with barriers for women.

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