Saturday, August 01, 2020

How Women Entrepreneurs Will Lead Us Out of the COVID-19 Crisis

We love the article below by our dear friend and esteemed colleague, Barbara Roberts – an expert speaker and writer on all stages of entrepreneurship from startup through exit and reinvention.

In it, she says:
In crisis or chaos, every entrepreneur must go back to their “Why” as the first step to surviving. “Why are you and your company on this planet? What is the problem that you must solve? What is your essence? How can you make yourself and your company essential to the world and your clients and customers?” The solution to the problem is in the answer to that question.
Read the entire article here (be sure to scroll to:  By Barbara Roberts, Entrepreneurs in Residence, Columbia Business School).  Full white paper can be found at:  Women's Entrepreneurial Journey:  Profiles of leadership in an era of new opportunities.

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