Saturday, March 27, 2021

It's Her Time

Don't we know it.  Female entrepreneurship is skyrocketing, especially in Massachusetts.  What they need more of to grow is the ability to collaborate and share resources.

The Women’s Entrepreneur Initiative (WEI) Study concludes that for them to continue to make gains, women business owners need better access to resources, financing, expertise and networking.

Constance Gamache of Deloitte Consulting says, "Women are the fastest growing, highest performing and most economically underutilized subsegment of entrepreneurs."

Enough said.

We've always known that women need an entrepreneurial hub (or cafe) to share experience, resources, challenges and opportunities.  We have had one going on since March, 2020.  Won't you join us?  It's every Tuesday at 4PM CT.  Everyone is welcome.  Don't let the global part throw you – most of our tribe are startups that have the world as a market on their mind.  See you there because I facilitate the discussions every week.

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