Saturday, October 15, 2022

How We Can Turn the Tide To Create Gender Parity in Entrepreneurship

Countless studies have shown the many benefits that women entrepreneurs bring to the table. 

In the UK alone, for example, up to £250 billion of new value could be added to the economy if women launched and scaled new businesses at the same rate as British men, generating jobs and unlocking new opportunities for many.

Women should be at the forefront of the entrepreneurial scene. The flexibility that comes with self-employment – the autonomy to choose how and which work and family roles to prioritize– makes being your own boss an attractive proposition for many women.

Despite entrepreneurial opportunity being present all over the world, not everyone has the same access to resources or the right support system to take an idea forward. The reality is, women feel this impact more than men.

How do you turn the tide to create gender parity in entrepreneurship?  To turn the tide for female entrepreneurs, women need to have access to the right resources (for instance, capital) and receive the right support right from the outset. And this can only be achieved through public and private sector collaboration.

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