Saturday, June 29, 2024

Female Entrepreneurs Are a Major Driver of Business Startup Growth

Americans have started more new businesses last year than ever since data collection started and female entrepreneurs are a major driver of that growth.

New data from my company, Gusto, shows that women started half of all new businesses in 2023. This is compared to a mere 29% in 2019. Women-led businesses have proven uniquely resilient to tough economic conditions like persistently high inflation and interest rates, and they generated $2.7 trillion in revenue last year. 

For women, flexibility is the No. 1 reason for starting a business.  They want to have the freedom to decide how they work.

At Escape From Corporate America (EFCA), we have known this to be true since 2003 on the flexibility and freedom parts of Gusto's findings.  Here's what I said in 2003 when EFCA was launched:

"They [women] want freedom, flexibility, recognition, more money, and opportunities to leave a legacy -- all the things they once thought they would find within corporations."

Read the full article to learn how female entrepreneurs are a major driver of business startup growth.

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