Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving and more!

Thank you to all of you for your readership, enthusiasm and comments. Your energy keeps me going on this passionate subject. Have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Now, on to our regular focus and this feature is a great one to share just before the holiday.

What I find ironic is that the following article was published in the "StatesMAN" It's about how more Hispanic women own firms nationwide and are growing at six times the rate of all U.S. businesses! Here's a clip from the article describing one woman's struggle to make a success out of her business:

-> A framed copy of her first business contract hangs prominently in Josefina Anguiano's home office. She smiles at the reminder of sleepless nights and mounting bills that defined the first two years of running her own business. "When you first begin, all the doors are closed," Anguiano said. "And, there's no profit." This year, Anguiano, 36, expects to reach the $500,000 mark in contracts for her company, AFC Windows & Roofing Inc., which offers home-remodeling work, window and roof installation and gutter and chimney repair. Anguiano hardly is alone.

Adds Myra Hart, a Harvard Business School professor and chairwoman of the Center for Women's Business Research, "This is a positive sign for the entire country. At this crucial time for the economy, we're seeing that greater participation in entrepreneurship among women from a variety of backgrounds is playing an important role in facilitating economic growth."

To read the powerful account of how Josefina grew her business one step at a time, visit:
More Hispanic women own firms nationwide

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