Monday, November 22, 2004

Where Are The Women?

In Fast Company

Late this spring in Fast Company, "Where Are the Women? " (February) leaped from the page to the stage. Readers and members of Women in Technology International's New York chapter gathered at Sony Labs for an event to explore some of the issues affecting women in the workplace. Senior writer Linda Tischler, who wrote the article, and Mary Lou Quinlan, founder of strategic marketing consultancy Just Ask a Woman, led the discussion. Quinlan, who stepped down as CEO of the advertising firm N.W. Ayer in the late 1990s, shared three key reasons (outlined briefly below) for her career change -- and offered advice and ideas.

1. Keep track of quality time.
2. Take a (clean) break.
3. Plot your priorities.

Her most poignant remarks that relate to the purpose of this blog:

"I came back in and quit. I started a company. Now I'm doing my passion. Women will find their own way. They need to live a conscious career, not an unconscious one. Ask yourself: Am I happy? You have the right to ask that question -- and then do something about it."

To read the entire piece, visit: Women on "Women"

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