Monday, November 29, 2004

My-oh-my: Watch Us Women Entrepreneurs Grow, Kissing Corporate America Bye-bye!

In BusinessWeek

A new study finds a boom in female entrepreneurship -- and a particularly healthy gains for minority women. According to the article, let's examine five key reasons why:

1. Women who want to start a business are seeing others who are doing it, and they think, 'Wow, I can do this too.'

2. The steady proliferation of capital and institutional resources has also helped make entrepreneurship a more viable option for women, allowing them more control from a professional -- and personal –- standpoint.

3. Because entrepreneurship is a direct path toward economic independence. "You're not waiting for someone to bring you out of poverty, and you're not waiting for someone else to give you a living wage or benefits."

4. Increased awareness of societal support –- including institutions like the Small Business Administration's Small Business Development Centers, local and regional chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurship incubators -- as other factors are driving the trend.

5. More women are becoming educated and developing stronger skill sets in the corporate world, adding to a pool of would-be entrepreneurs eager to branch out on their own.

Sure looks like women entrepreneurs are growing like mad and playing a vital role in fueling economic growth.

To read the awakening article, visit:
Women Lead the Startup Stats

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