Friday, September 19, 2008

Connecting Can Make a Difference

Women entrepreneurs can be overwhelmed with all the social networking sites -- as well as the concept itself. Time and resources are tight but everyone's talking about "Web 2.0." The question you need to ask is: Who do you want to reach? If you find out it's a good fit -- go for it!

Runa Magnúsdóttir is the founder and CEO of, a global social search and networking site for professional women used by organizations of women entrepreneurs worldwide.

Take a test drive here.

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Anonymous said...

Your question, “who do you want to reach” is a VERY important question
to answer for yourself and your business when you participate in “Web 2.0” activities.

Since there are so many sites to work with, I choose to focus on networking sites with a professional and global reach.

Mainly, to women business owners with influence!

By utilizing social networks like, I have been able to build strategic partnerships, business connections and great customer prospects for my own international business, Expedient Trade. I have
established long lasting relationships with women in the UK, China, Iceland and the USA.

As the United States Ambassador for
(, I strive to create a trusted, professional network of strong business women that are interested in expanding their business influence on both a domestic and
international level.

Targeted, on-line social networking is a cost effective & efficient way to market your business.

Michelle Bonn
Owner & President
Expedient Trade, LLC