Friday, September 12, 2008

Corporate Women Make Fairly Big Bucks

Curious as to who are the highest paid women in Corporate America? As an entrepreneur, when it comes to pay, do you think you hold a candle to any of them? There's only one way to find out. Visit here. If you leave men out of the picture, they make fairly big bucks. We'll come back to that in a moment.

To accompany the above referenced report published by ForbesLife, Executive Woman, one of my favorite authors, Judith Dobrzynski, wrote an essay entitled, The Highest-Paid Women In Corporate America. You absolutely don't want to miss it. Here's a clip:
If, as so many men have often said, money is just a way to keep score, the list is yet another indicator that women aren't achieving equality at work. U.S. Department of Labor statistics peg the salary gap between women and men at just over 21 cents on the dollar--but at the top, matters seem to be worse. Yes, at least 100 women pulled down $3 million last year, but the 100 best-paid men in corporate America--all chief executives--each pocketed at least $18 million. You don't need a calculator to figure out that pay divide.
Read the entire piece here.

Note: To my knowledge, Bonnie Raitt (pictured) is not one of the highest paid women in Corporate America but she produced the song, "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About" which is totally in line with Ms. Dobrzynski's fabulous piece.

More to come.


Melanie Kissell said...

If we all live to be a hundred ...

I don't believe we'll ever witness total equality between men and women, especially in the workplace.

Darn those cavemen! They're to blame for this nasty imbalance.

~Melanie Kissell

Laurel Delaney said...

Hi, Melanie ... inclined to agree but we must keep pushing and lead the charge for those who will follow in our footsteps. In our case ... entrepreneurial footsteps!

I really admire Judith's work. She does a great job getting our message across on how far we haven't come when it comes to this issue!