Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Non-escapist Ellen

Meet Ellen J. Kullman, the new chief executive and President of Dupont, making her one of the few women to rise to the top of the chemical industry and putting her among the handful of women running the nation's largest companies.

Congratulations Ellen! Ain't no escaping corporate America here. But it's how she likes it and that's what matters.


Anonymous said...

I recently discovered you on the WE magazine list of "101 Bloggers to Watch". (Heidi asked me to tell you she sent me.) I'll be back here - enjoyed reading your posts. I am a business owner... always have been. I started on the Enrepreneur's adventure 30 years ago and could/should write a book. Nice to meet you!

Laurel Delaney said...

I hope I wasn't No. 101 on the list!

Thanks for stopping in Beverly and kudos to you for running a business for 30 years. That's quite an accomplishment and one that should be celebrated time and time again.

A pleasure to meet you and stay in touch. Let us know how you are fairing with business prospects during what looks like a massive tornado coming at us economically.

If any segment of the market can manage their way through it and come out unscathed, it's us.