Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Personal Qualities of an Entrepreneur

Gender discrimination and pay inequities in the corporate world cannot be underestimated so women might as well choose the path of business ownership for these reasons and more. Further, having control over your destiny is a mighty powerful motivator.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires numerous personal qualities regardless of gender. All entrepreneurs are:

Bold, daring, cReAtIvE, calculated risk takers, INNOVATIVE + autonomous

The profile of women entrepreneurs is not necessarily different from our male counterparts. What's noticeable is the contrast in managing style ... other than that ... pretty similar.

For my women readers, may you start a business in 2010. Best wishes for a happy and successful year.

Photo credit: Laurel J. Delaney, lake front at Rogers Park, Illinois, U.S.A., from The Official Escape from Corporate America Blog

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