Sunday, July 13, 2014

Leave Confusion, Fear and Mediocrity Behind Once and For All: Become An Entrepreneur

Photo courtesy:  Maite at (5/14/14)
There's Escape From Corporate America blog (2004), Escape From Corporate, Escape from Cubicle Nation and now there's Corporate Escape by Maite Baron.

Here's what Maite's book claims:
Corporate Escape: The Rise of the New Entrepreneur is designed to help anyone leave the corporate world and embark on building their own business as a ‘New Entrepreneur’, it will benefit anyone in a process of change, by helping them develop the courage needed to leave confusion, fear and mediocrity behind once and for all. 
I have not read the book yet but wanted to bring it to your attention. Go here to buy the book.  And visit Maite's site established in 2012.

All I can say is we were No. 1 at starting with the concept of Escape From Corporate America (2003)!  We've created a whole new industry as a result!

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